Benefits of AT Design Team


All concepts and plans visualized in 3D.


Our clients can experience the interiors with virtual videos before making an investment decision.


All work phases are precisely planned. Floor and ceiling designs underscore our design ideas.


We design motivating work environments with optimized processes.

We specialize in pharmacy and laboratory interiors.


Many of our completed interiors evidence a high increase in sales.

With a new presence at its former location, this pharmacy increased the number of daily prescriptions from approx. 220 to 570.


We integrate international design trends and innovative materials.



LED lighting design is one of our strong suits.


We deliver and install at a fixed price in € or $ as well as other currencies.


Our architects and designers have more than

25 years of experience

in store construction.


We are reliable and deliver at the agreed-upon time and remain available to our clients for years following the remodel.