Reconstruction of the reception area of the medical practice of Dr. Fröhlich. New counter system, ceiling, floor and walls. New lighting with LED technology.
With German drawer cabinets, U.S. pharmacies are improving their work speed and area effectiveness.
More prescriptions in the same amount of time with the pharmacy team. Also successful the push cabinet operation in the Caribbean. Las Colinas Pharmacy increased the average number of prescriptions per day from about 250 to more than 500 after opening.
Spacious shopping experience with LED light furniture in the west of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Combination of US and German furnishing elements. Large curved service counters offer additional services and merchandise categories.
Laboratory and compounding in various clean rooms in Pensacola, Florida.
Professional workflows in various laboratories can be viewed from the salesroom.
Relaxed wellness ambience in the retail section of a 1500m² compounding pharmacy in Pensacola, Florida.